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Bubble Bath Soap

  • Goat Milk Bath Salts

    Contact NowGoat Milk Bath SaltsGoat Milk Bath Salts is made of crystal sea salt, skin cleansing and precious goat milk mix olive oil, glycerin and other multiple nourishing ingredients, mild and nourishing skin. After the bath will form a protective film on the skin surface, effectively lock the moisture loss, increase the skin's smoothness, systemic skin like milk with the smoothRead More

  • Soap

    Contact NowSoapRich in softening and protective ingredient, this soap’s foamy lather gently buffs away dry and dull skin, helping to preserve its natural moisture balanceRead More

  • Pampered Girls Bath Body Gift Sets

    Contact NowPampered Girls Bath Body Gift SetsPampered Girls is a lifestyle fashion brand designed to appeal to girls and youthful women of all ages. Pampered Girls feature designs that range from sophisticated and fun to bold and trendy. Hip colors, creative patterns and cute characters portray the happy, joyful and fun energy of the brand's target audience. Pampered Girls design the bath body gift sets for us with their own brand since 2013Read More

  • Goat Milk Soap

    Contact NowGoat Milk SoapThe goat milk essence for goat milk soap is rich in vitamin E, help to gentle skin, clean, moist skin. Adding wheat bran, reduce excess dead cells, instantly moisture and luster the skinRead More

  • Tanya Whelan Bath Body Gift Sets

    Contact NowTanya Whelan Bath Body Gift SetsTanya Whelan is beloved around the world for their fresh, light, modern and vibrant take on classic motifs, her distinctive designs range from soft, romantic floral to bold, vibrant vintage kitsch to eclectic modern. Tanya Whelan designed the bath body gift sets for us with their own brand since 2013Read More

  • Bubble Baths

    Contact NowBubble BathsThe rich formula in the bubble bath generously produce foams in the bath, leaving your skin soft, clean, and delicately scented, creating a bath full of bubbles to sweep away the cares of the day.Read More

  • Bath Oils

    Contact NowBath OilsDelicately scented with essential oils, this refreshing bath oil melts into the water and transforms it into milky softness for a moment of soothing relaxationRead More

  • Bath Sets For Men

    Contact NowBath Sets For MenThe bath sets for men including 100ml tube body wash, 100ml tube shampoo, 100ml body spray, beard brush and massage ball, taking full care for men.Read More

  • Bath Salts

    Contact NowBath SaltsSit back and relax with our crisp and refreshingly scented bath salts, a spa-strength bath salt for intense body exfoliation at home.Read More

  • Bath Bombs

    Contact NowBath BombsThe bath bombs have included natural ingredient to let your loved one enjoy bath like hot spring spa with relaxing and skin care function, offering relax, energy, detox, breathe, love and escapeRead More