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Body Gift Baskets

  • Pampered Girls Bath Body Gift Sets

    Contact NowPampered Girls Bath Body Gift SetsPampered Girls is a lifestyle fashion brand designed to appeal to girls and youthful women of all ages. Pampered Girls feature designs that range from sophisticated and fun to bold and trendy. Hip colors, creative patterns and cute characters portray the happy, joyful and fun energy of the brand's target audience. Pampered Girls design the bath body gift sets for us with their own brand since 2013Read More

  • Tanya Whelan Bath Body Gift Sets

    Contact NowTanya Whelan Bath Body Gift SetsTanya Whelan is beloved around the world for their fresh, light, modern and vibrant take on classic motifs, her distinctive designs range from soft, romantic floral to bold, vibrant vintage kitsch to eclectic modern. Tanya Whelan designed the bath body gift sets for us with their own brand since 2013Read More

  • Aromanice Bath Gift Sets

    Contact NowAromanice Bath Gift SetsBecause life is beautiful, our own brand Aromanice represents Aromatherapy, Romance and Nice, dedicating to spread the beauty through happiness. Aromanice is recognized as high quality brand for bath gift sets in overseas markets, which is sold and displayed with this brand through our clients' stores.Read More

  • Debra Valencia Bath Body Gift Sets

    Contact NowDebra Valencia Bath Body Gift SetsDebra Valencia Brand surface designs are a creative blend of geometric and organic patterns mixed and matched in interesting color combinations, all with a distinctive sense of style. Debra design the bath body gift sets for us with their own brand since 2013Read More

  • Ecobalance Organic Bath Gift Sets

    Contact NowEcobalance Organic Bath Gift SetsNatural herbal skin care series for bath gift sets, extracted from natural plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables, fruit essence, herbal care, mild texture, deeply nourish; selection high quality recycled packaging materials, printing using environmentally friendly lead-free inkRead More

  • Bloomfield Holiday Bath Gift Sets

    Contact NowBloomfield Holiday Bath Gift SetsEach Bloomfiled Bath Gift Sets is interpreting the modest luxurious dream, with romantic fragrance and the classic fashion design, it is beloved by those who enjoy the joy of beauty. Strict selection of natural herbs, the blend to care products, extraction beneficial skin, relieve the balance of natural and organic ingredients, effective to maintain the balance of body skin nourished, enhance skin's natural resistance, make skin beautiful, full of elegant atmosphereRead More

  • Beautyous Girls Bath Gift Sets

    Contact NowBeautyous Girls Bath Gift SetsBeautyous Girls Bath Gift Sets was inspired from the British retro 70s, with the interpretation of romantic and notstalgia, Beautyous brings you the traditional English lifestyle. All products are made of natural, mild, safe ingredients, high degree of moisture, skin tender and smooth as silk, unique flavor more fragrant and pleasant. The design style of elegant fantasy, highlighting the unique English retro styles.Read More

  • Just Men Bath Gift Sets

    Contact NowJust Men Bath Gift SetsThe mysterious deep sea for men to explore the true face, specifically customized for men's skin. The men bath gift sets possesses natural deep sea mud in pure natural and pollution-free, contains special active ingredients, for the skin injected fresh water run power, bypassing the sticky, enjoy deep moist. In this piece of blue sea, do fresh, the sunshine of the real man!Read More