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Category Whitening Body Milk
May 04, 2016

We use whitening body lotion often because in the summer sun, skin needs a swift return to "white" and follow-up maintenance work, these products are used in many of the Sun who had been seared after Sun care – whitening maintenance.

Because of the skin to the Sun, UV, and causes the deposition of melanin. Body lotion whitening class except that it can gradually fade sun spots, dark spots, and avoid the production of melanin, can also make skin appear more bright and shiny.

Whitening body lotion doesn't change you need to know about: UV whitening products can, to a large extent isolation and avoid quick dark and aging of the skin. But whitening products does not change the natural color (that is, not white or black), or the pigment formed by reducing chronic diseases or genetic, not bleach the skin or skin irritations.