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Category Deep Moisturizing Body Lotion
Apr 28, 2016

In a dry spring, autumn and winter season, any skin needs deep moisturizing body milk to regulate the skin's water run, because under the influence at this point in the season, nutrients in the skin structure changes, dry air will compete for moisture in the skin, in order to awaken the skin vitality, robust internal natural moisture level. Deep moisturizing body milk to nourish skin while deeply moisturizing cuticles, continue to replenish the moisture and nutrients needed, completely change the skin condition, purification through moist skin, full, full of water, the skin elastic.

Error using methods cause the effectiveness of body lotion to maximize play: want to deeply nourish skin not only surface water will suffice. Recent research found that skin is lack of moisture is one of the factors that contribute to skin aging, if you use a moisturizer when, still on the beat method is tantamount to a waste of time and products, Japan experts proved that water is the most effective method.