Face Skin Care

  • Facial Mud Masks

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    Facial Mud Masks

    The facial mud masks help renew skin looking, refine texture, minimize pore, moisturize and nourish, keep the skin smooth, soft and comfortable Read More

  • Facial Peel Off Masks

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    Facial Peel Off Masks

    The series of botanical facial masks nourish and support healthy skin by moisturize and soothe skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other aging signs Read More

  • Face Cleansers

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    Face Cleansers

    The face cleansers effectively clean up make-up, grime, dirt and impurities, leaving skin soft, supple and looks radiant Read More

  • Face Scrubs

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    Face Scrubs

    The face scrubs effectively removes dead skin cells, smooth and refine face skin, keep the skin refreshed, smooth and clear Read More

  • Face Toner

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    Face Toner

    The face toner help to removes traces of make-up, impurities, smooth, hydrate and soothe skin based on its special fresh texture, making skin that feels more toned and plump, excellent for your daily skincare Read More

  • Face Moisturizer

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    Face Moisturizer

    The calming and moisturizing face lotion is a rich, smooth moisturizer for all skin types, which improve elasticity and provide intense hydration, leaving skin beautiful smooth and silky soft Read More

  • Face Cream

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    Face Cream

    The soothing face cream helps create radiant looking skin, making your skin soft, smooth and velvety Read More

  • Lip Balm

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    Lip Balm

    The specially formulated lip balm helps to sooth, protect and nourish lips, leaving a soft and comfortable sensation Read More

  • Lip Gloss

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    Lip Gloss

    The lip gloss instantly gives you fuller looking lips with a radiant shine, bring the lip refreshing sensation and gentle plumping effect. A variety of colors are available to suit every skin tone and season Read More

  • Cosmetic Kits

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    Cosmetic Kits

    The cosmetic kits helps to achieve a glowing makeup look, bring a touch of radiance to your lips, eyes and skin, wonderful gift set for beginners & makeup lovers Read More

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