Body Care

  • Shimmer Shower Gels

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    Shimmer Shower Gels

    Shimmer shower gel makes your skin feeling shinning, smooth and healthy, and leaving it delicately cleaned and perfumed. Read More

  • Bath Bombs

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    Bath Bombs

    The bath bombs have included natural ingredient to let your loved one enjoy bath like hot spring spa with relaxing and skin care function, offering relax, energy, detox, breathe, love and escape Read More

  • Bubble Baths

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    Bubble Baths

    The rich formula in the bubble bath generously produce foams in the bath, leaving your skin soft, clean, and delicately scented, creating a bath full of bubbles to sweep away the cares of the day. Read More

  • Bath Salts

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    Bath Salts

    Sit back and relax with our crisp and refreshingly scented bath salts, a spa-strength bath salt for intense body exfoliation at home. Read More

  • Bath Oils

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    Bath Oils

    Delicately scented with essential oils, this refreshing bath oil melts into the water and transforms it into milky softness for a moment of soothing relaxation Read More

  • Shower Gels

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    Shower Gels

    Rich lather from our shower gel makes your skin feeling smooth and healthy, and leaving it delicately cleaned and perfumed Read More

  • Glitter Shower Gels

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    Glitter Shower Gels

    Glitter shower gel makes your skin feeling sparking, smooth and healthy, and leaving it delicately cleaned and perfumed Read More

  • Shower Scrubs

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    Shower Scrubs

    The body shower scrub removes dead skin cells. stimulates skin microcirculation, leaving the skin soft, smooth and delicately scented with the fresh and delicate fragrance Read More

  • Soap

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    Rich in softening and protective ingredient, this soap’s foamy lather gently buffs away dry and dull skin, helping to preserve its natural moisture balance Read More

  • Body Lotions

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    Body Lotions

    The body lotions absorb fast and transforms dull skin into wonderful looking glow, leaving your skin feeling soft and comfortable Read More

  • Body Moisturizer

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    Body Moisturizer

    The body moisturizer enriched with moisturizing extracts helps to constantly nourish, prevent the skin's hydro lipid film from damage, deeply leaving skin hydrated and smooth Read More

  • Sunscreen

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    Used for active outdoor activities, providing active and daily coverage so skin stays both bright and protected, protecting skin against UV rays, external aggressions, sun exposures, etc. Read More

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Our body care product is perfect combination of high-tech scientific formula and plant nutrients, which promotes skin metabolism, restore tender and elastic, deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin, giving the skin a luxury pet care.